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Sheffield Card - powertool
Sheffield Card - powertool
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We do not believe that the site will ever be a profit making enterprise. Nevertheless we want to offer organisations and businesses all over the world the opportunity to advertise their services and products on our site. We will ask a little money for that. We have four opportunities to advertise:

  • Top bar: standard 468x60 pixel advert. Max. 15 adverts rotating from a database, tracked for display and clicks. You get your own access to check the statistics.
  • Advertorials: complete news articles of max. 500-700 words.
  • (Top right: links to "projects", "policy" and "technology". Not tracked.)
  • (Lower left: standard 120x240 pixel "site of interest". Max. 30 adverts rotating from a database, tracked for displays and clicks. You get your own access to check the statistics.)

For now only the top bar adverts and advertorials are for sale. Advertorials have a fixed price. Adverts are priced based on actual display and click-through statistics.

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